Rental Applications and Sample Lease

Each applicant to rent an apartment must complete his or her own rental application.  Applicants who do not have their own sufficient sources of funds for rent (typically the case for students) will be required to have a co-signer (typically a parent), who is another person who will share the obligation to pay the rent.  If that is the case, the prospective co-signer must complete a Co-Signer Addendum.

Applications may be dropped off at 270 College Street.  There is a locked, wooden mailbox just to the left of the front door and attached to the porch floor.  It is below the regular mailboxes for U.S. mail.  Please leave applications in this locked box, not in the regular mailbox.    Please call me if you leave off any material for me so that I'll know to go look for it.

Co-signers can fill out their forms separately and can fax them in or scan them and email them to me if that is more convenient.  My fax number is (802) 652-4801.

The application forms can be downloaded by clicking below:

Rental Application

Co-signer Addendum

These documents refer to a sample lease, which is here:   Sample Lease


If you have any questions about the application process, please call me at (802) 363-9352 or email me at

Thank you.

Frank Haddleton


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