Subleasing Policy

1. All leases signed by Ponds End Corporation or by Frank Haddleton contain a provision indicating that subleases are not permitted without the prior written consent of the landlord.

2.  No tenant may sublease any or all of an apartment unless at least one of the individuals named on the original lease agreement will be residing in the apartment during the entire time that any proposed sublessee will be there. 

3. In order to secure written permission to sublease, the proposed sublessee will need to provide a completed rental application (which can be downloaded from this page) which must be approved by Frank Haddleton.  (No deposit is required with the submission of this application.)  References will be checked.  Financial information need not be included in the rental application of a proposed sublessee, since the tenant will remain responsible for all payments indicated in the lease.

4. If a sublessee is approved, the sublessor and sublessee will need to sign a sublease agreement which will need to be approved and signed by Frank Haddleton.  The sublease agreement is an agreement between the original tenant (as sublessor) and the person who will be occupying the apartment in place of the tenant (sublessee).  The terms of this agreement are to be determined by these two individuals, but the agreement must indicate that the sublessee has read and agrees to be bound by the terms of the original lease.  Here is a sample sublease agreement which is in a form acceptable to Frank Haddleton.  Frank's signature on the sublease agreement will constitute the landlord's written acceptance of the sublease.

5.  All payments due under the lease must continue to be made to the landlord by the tenant, not the tenant's sublessee.

Please contact Frank if there are any questions about this policy.