Information for Tenants

I take my responsibility as a property manager very seriously. My objective is to provide comfortable, clean, safe housing for the tenants in the buildings I manage. In order to do this, I require your cooperation. 

1) Please call me immediately at (802) 363-9352 if there are any serious maintenance issues, particularly including plumbing leaks, running toilets, roof leaks, heating problems, and potentially dangerous electrical issues.  If there is an urgent problem relating to safety or one that, left unresolved, may cause damage to the building or to your property and you cannot reach me immediately, please contact one of the following contractors (but call 911 in all cases of real emergency):   Gas odor: Vermont Gas (802) 863-4511;   Plumbing & heating: Benoure Plumbing (802) 864-7156;   Electrical: Cummings Electric (802) 658-1292  If there is a burst pipe or water running in your apartment where there shouldn't be any, please shut off the main water valve to the building, which is located in the basement (the shut-off valve is a yellow lever not far above the floor somewhere in the vicinity of the electrical panels.)  For less urgent matters please either call me, as above, or email me at  

2) There are many conditions which, if left unresolved, will get worse or cost more to address. Since I do not live in the buildings, I need you to tell me about any situation that you become aware of.  

3) No smoking is permitted anywhere inside the buildings.  

4) Grills may not be used or stored on any of the porches. This is a rule from the City of Burlington.  

5) Indoor furniture cannot be left outside on any of the porches. Another rule from our great city.  

6) Residents and guests are not permitted on any roof, except in case of emergency.  

7) Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors must never be disconnected or removed, except with my permission. These devices will beep continuously when the batteries run low. If you replace the batteries yourselves, please be sure to use the brand and type of battery specified in the device. Others won't work. If you cannot or do not wish to change a battery yourself, call me and I will take care of it.  

8) All of the leases I sign prohibit loud or disturbing parties, or parties at which kegs are present or alcohol is consumed by any under-age individual. It is not possible to properly maintain a building if it becomes a party destination, and such a building is not a pleasant place to live in.  If you need a place where you will be allowed to host wild parties, please look somewhere else where the owner doesn't care about maintaining the building.  

9) No pets are allowed in the building (not even temporarily) without my prior written consent.  

10) Rent checks are due by the first of the month, by mail to me at P.O. Box 64649, Burlington, VT 05406-4649. A 5% late charge will be applied to any rent payment more than 5 days late.  

11)  If you have any doubt about whether or not you should call me about something, call me!  I'd rather hear from you unnecessarily than not hear from you when I need to hear from you.  The landlord-tenant relationship is a two-way street. Help me make things work and I'll do whatever I can to make things work for you.   

Thanks for your cooperation!