Application Process

Before starting the application, please call me to confirm that the apartment is still available. 

Download a rental application by clicking the button below.  

Each individual tenant will need to complete his or her own application. 

Applicants whose own income will not support the rent (which is usually the case for undergraduate students) will need to have co-signers.  The co-signer piece of the application is included in the application here. 

The applications are not complicated, and I will do anything I can reasonably do to simplify the process for you. 

If you do not wish to provide any information requested on the application, don’t provide it.  I will see if I can proceed without the missing information and I will let you know if I can’t. 

Applications can be delivered to me in any of the following ways: (1) scan the application and email it to me at;  (2) take photographs of each page of the application on your phone and email me the photographs;  (3) fax the application to me at (802) 652-4801 (be sure to call me to let me know you have faxed it, and please avoid faxing after 9 pm – my fax is at my home);  (4) call me and meet me at my office at 270 College Street to hand it to me;  (5)  drop it in my locked box at 270 College Street (the red wooden box to the left of my front door, at floor level).  

I ask for a $100 deposit (cash or check) with each person’s application (obviously this piece cannot be emailed).  This deposit will be promptly refunded if your rental application is not approved or if you withdraw your application before I have processed it.  Otherwise it will be applied to the security deposit for the apartment.  The purpose of this deposit is to ensure that I receive applications only from people who are committed to renting the apartment and are not applying for multiple apartments at the same time (as people sometimes do).  I don’t like processing applications only to find out that the applicants have chosen another apartment. 

I process applications in the order I receive them.  Sometimes more than one group is interested in applying for an apartment, and in those cases it will be to your advantage to get your applications to me as soon as possible. I process applications as quickly as I possibly can – usually the same day I receive them if they are complete.  I will not leave you hanging in uncertainty.    

Please call me with any questions about the application process or the apartments I manage. Thank you for your interest.

Rental Applications

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Rental Application 2017 (pdf)


Rental Application 2017 (doc)


Sample Lease Agreement

Sample Lease 2018 (pdf)


Subleasing Policy

Subleasing Policy 2017 (pdf)


Sample_sublease_agreement (pdf)